Caps are the adjustable type and available with either the "30 years" logo or the original LMC logo.  Just about any color available - 

Shirt shown is mesh type, but smooth weave is also available.  All colors and both logos available.  

A few T-shirts from the 2012 show are still available in various sizes and colors.  The 2013 and 2014 shirts sold out.  Email Ronnie or Mike if you are interested.

Price - White $10.00
           All other colors $11.00
           Banded $15.00


This is the famed Dickies TJ15 used by car clubs across the country for years. 

It comes in a huge number of sizes and there is a ladies version, also.  You order the jacket and then take it to All Star Embroidery to have it done. These pictures do not do justice to the thread work on the pistons.  Contact Mike or Ronnie to find out where and how to order the jacket
The Lubbock Mustang Club is proud to announce our affiliation with All Star Embroidery, 4122 34th St., 793-0038, for all our apparel needs.  Members can call or go by to order caps and shirts or have your jacket done.  The club has already paid for digitizing our logos, so you only pay for the item and embroidery.  For price list, click HERE.  They can also do other items, your imagination is the limit.  Ask them.
Decals are free to members.  If you need one, ask an officer.