The Lubbock Mustang Club is a social organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Mustang automobile and the fun and fellowship that goes hand in hand with these great cars.
August Car of the Month
The Lubbock Mustang Club is proud to be sponsored by:
LMC members receive 
   a discount at NAPA
We are an
MCA club.
2014 GT owned by Deanna Wilson

Big event for Lubbock coming up October 4th!  Check it out.
For those of you with convertibles, Coronado High School needs some for homecoming, Monday, Sept. 8th from 6 to 8pm. If you can help, contact Carl Dowell at
There's a major driving event sponsored by Shelby American and MCA coming up in Michigan on Aug 30/31.  Click HERE for flyer. 
Received this nice thank-you note from Sean at Rock 101 (a good friend and sponsor of our club). All we can say is, right back at cha Sean! We're proud to be your friends. (He just did something many say they are going to do, but few accomplish. He went back to university and got his degree).  Click HERE.
For MCA members who still want to vote for national officers, time is short.  Contact Jim at
There's a great show coming up on Sept. 6th in Amarillo.  Proceeds will benefit prostate cancer research and they are expecting 400 cars.  Should be a good chance to see some cars we don't normally get to see.  Click HERE for flyer.